1.75" V-Band Clamp Set - STAINLESS STEEL

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The most effective way to make connections in your exhaust system! Plated 304 stainless steel flanges for superior warping resistance and a stainless look. Install by welding flanges to tube ends and secure union with stainless clamp. These flanges are designed with a self-aligning pattern as well as a machined step for proper tube fitment. All flanges are machined from solid steel bar, NOT TUBING, for a more accurate fit and improved welding.

Suitable for exhaust or turbo mounting applications.

This clamp kit consists of 3 individual parts used to make one coupling:

– V-Band Clamp
– Male V-Band Flange
– Female V-Band Flange

Get all your exhaust connector needs met with just one kit. This v-band exhaust flange set is perfect for those individuals who are building their own custom Street/Hot Rod/Race exhaust systems. It is also perfect for those occasional open header days, such as race or pulling events, which require quickly separating the exhaust tubes.