Black Universal 500ML Aluminum Oil Catch Can Tank With Breather Filter Baffled

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- Capacity: 0.5L
- Tank Length: 140mm
- Tank Length with Filter: 190mm
- Case Width: 70mm diameter

Extremely efficient design that keeps the oil in the can without using the steel wool mesh that has been know to let loose steel pieces that can end up in your engine and damage it. It catches the oil and moisture that are caused by engine blow by gasses that cause sludge and carbon build up inside the engine.

- 2 inlets on top of Can,comes with 4 Barbs,two x 3/8" fittings and two x 1/2" fittings
- Comes with the side sight tube to know the oil Level in the catch can
- It comes with the plug if you don't want to run it with the breather.
- Exclusive baffled Design to Keep the oil in the bottom of the catch can and out of the engine
- Comes with a Universal mounting Bracket for Easy Mounting.
- Drain hole at the bottom with plug.
- 2 Year Warranty


1 x Oil Reservoir Tank
1 x Breather filter with plug
1 x Mounting Bracket
1 x Hose
4 x Barbing fittings
1 x Drain plug