50mm BOV Blow Off Valve - BLACK/ BLUE/ SILVER

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- Available colours: Black, blue and silver.
- Material: Aluminum
- Condition: 100% brand new in box
- listing comes with the BOV and accessories as pic.

Excellent quality

Great for when your intake system has had a larger volume intercooler and piping kit installed, or you have upgraded your turbo and upped your boost pressure, relieves large volumes of boost, virtually a must with the combination.
This will help increase the life of your turbocharger by eliminating compressor surge and assists with lag reduction between gear shifts.

It is made from anodized CNC-machined aluminum alloy featuring a 50mm outlet valve. It is believed to be one of the largest valve providing the highest flow capacity for any BOV on the market. Combined with the V-band design, the aluminum mounting clamp provides an easy and very clean setup. Supplied with weld on 50mm adaptor and clamps.