3/8" 10mm Non Return One Way Fuel Check Valve

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10mm One Way Non-return Check Valve - Fuel / Diesel / Water / Marine

This listing is for one non-return fuel check valve. 

This valve prevents fuel from returning back to the tank and keeps it in the fuel line, so if you have a vehicle that is hard or slow to start because the fuel is returning back through the lines this will solve all your problems. Not only is it suitable for Fuel injection, but also for water, petrol, diesel, oils, and other fluids.

- The life of Aluminum head is longer than plastic head
- Arrow marked on valve, showing fluid flow direction, Prevents fuel from returning back to the tank and keeps it in the line.
- Also great for water pressure pumps & galley pumps which are not self-priming
- Non-return valve - Ideal for marine, automotive, caravans/RV, and agriculture.
- Fit for Carburetors and low pressure fuel systems
- Easy installation and replacement

Material: High-Quality Aluminum
Color: Black
Inlet : 3/8” (10mm)
Outlet: 3/8” (10mm)

This Fuel Non-return/One Way Valve cannot be used in methyl alcohol, because formic acid will be produced while it is powered on, which will lead to the uselessness.