Black Smoked Taillights Vinyl Film - Dark Black

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This is the safest way to tint your lights as you can remove them anytime without any hassle.

All Vinyl films will be sent in a postal tube. 100% no bend, no damage.

Excellent Quality

SIZE: 100cm Long x 40cm Wide

This listing is for a piece of 100cm x 40cm wide dark black film.

Features of our films:

- Gloss surface

- Quality three layer scratch resistance film. Remove the top layer after its applied on the light, it will give you a non-scratch gloss surface result.

- Has UV stabilizers and provides UV protection for your lights.

- Tail Light/Headlight Vinyl designed to be stretchy enough to be heat conformed to curved/Contour lights.

- Can be applied to Tail Lights/Headlights, Fog lights, Side Markers, interior lights.

- Designed to last five to seven years on your lights.

- Step by Step install Instructions.

- No static cling. This Vinyl Has a special Adhesive backing.

- Easy to install it yourself, the secret is patience. There are many videos on Youtube to tell you how to do it. links will be provided to the buyer.

- Can be removed without damaging your Tail Lights and no residue left behind.

- Gives your car a nice looking style.