Hydraulic Drift Handbrake with master cylinder 3/4 bore

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Universal Hydraulic drift handbrake

Quality product.

Hydraulic hand brake lever with master cylinder 3/4 bore

Hydraulic e-brakes are a crucial upgrade for any drift or rally vehicle. This universal high quality hand brake can be fully adjusted from the handle and can be mounted in a normal or upright (vertical) position as shown in the picture. Cable e-brakes are weak and do not provide close to the amount of power of a hydraulic e brake. If your looking to do some serious drifting or rallying, or even just want to replace or avoid having to replace a snapped cable, this item is for you.

Drift cars must have!!!

Excellent for RWD, S13, S14, S15, Skyline, R32, R33, R34, RX7, 180SX, 350Z etc.