T3/T4 Turbo Oil Feed Kit

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Oil feed lines and returns lines are an essential part of any turbo system. Oil feed lines bring oil to the turbocharger, at the same time the oil cools and lubricates the moving parts. The Oil Drain Lines take the oil that has passed through the turbo and guides it back into the engine’s oil pan. Without these two components, the turbocharger’s internals would overheat or seize causing major complications.

This turbo oil feed kit is for T3/T4 turbo application. 

- 1 x High Quality AN4 to 1/8" NPT Feed line (1 metre long)
- 1 x 4 way 1/8" NPT adaptor
- 1 x 2 bolt flange with AN4 T3 / T4 oil feed fitting adaptor 
- 1 x Turbo oil  feed  gasket - 38mm bolt spacing
- 1 x 1/8" NPT male to male adaptor
- 2 x M18 bolts
- 1 x 1/8" NPT Blanking plug    

The 1/8" NPT T Fitting adaptor allows you to add up to three 1/8 NPT devices to one 1/8" NPT socket. This item works well for temperature and pressure senders as well as oil feed lines.

Professional installation is highly recommended. Some of our products are designed exclusively for Off-Road and track racing only. It is a buyer's responsibility to check the laws.