Universal Performance Alloy Radiator

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Quality Product.

listing is for one universal alloy radiator. Measurement is as below:

Core Size: 360 x 630 x 52mm - 2 Core

Outside Dimensions: 472 x 655 x 62mm (hwd) Plus caps

38mm (external diameter) relocatable hose fittings, spigots and Mounting points.

Two blanking plugs will be provided to seal off the unused ports, therefore the top and bottom hoses can be connected on left or right or any combination.

Each side has two undrilled mounting brackets therefore you can drill the bolt holes to fit your vehicle. Two locating pins are mounted underneath.

NOTE: because this radiator is universal, modification may be required to get it fitted. Please make sure that this radiator is suitable for your application.

- No Leaks
- Light Weight
- It provides maximum cooling efficiency to prevent premature engine failure.
- 30-40% more efficient than stock ones
- 100% TIG welded
- Higher capacity for coolant than stock ones