Silicone Induction Pipe Subaru 01-07 WRX STI

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Subaru Impreza WRX STI GDB EJ20 Turbo Inlet Intake Hose Induction Hose, fits all 2001-07 WRX, and 2004-2014 WRX STi.(1pc)

The stock air induction hose is made of corrugated black rubber that restricts flow and introduces turbulence in the intake. Not only that, it doesn't seem very heat resistant -- we've seen stock induction hoses actually melt on the car!

This induction pipe is made of multi-ply heat-resistant (it can withstand up to 260 degrees!) silicone rubber for much better durability, plus a much smoother intake path. The result is a horsepower increase of 3-8 hp, depending on boost level and modifications.

This hose leads from the air box back to the turbo inlet, traveling UNDER the intake manifold in the process.

Fits all 2002 - 2014 STI and 2001 - 2007 WRX (non STI)

This high performance silicone hose is made with high-grade 4-Ply silicone and a dual layer that consists of heat resistant fibers,which guaranties a increased pressure tolerance, resistance to water, oil/fuel and heat reductions.

- Min temperature: -60º C/-140º F.
- Max temperature: 260º C/428º F.
- work pressure: 0.3 to 0.9 MPA.
- Bursting Pressure: 2MPA.
- Thickness: 5MM.
- Size tolerance: +/- 0.5MM.
- Instruction is NOT included. Professional installation is highly recommended. In some cases small mods to the new hose may be required for fitting