Steering Wheel Spacer/ Adaptor (25mm / 35mm)

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Steering Wheel Spacer/Adaptor

The spacer bolts to your steering wheel boss using the 6 x 74mm PCD hole pattern. Your steering wheel then bolts to the spacer using the 6 x 70mm PCD hole pattern. Measure your hole to hole diameter before buying to make sure you have the correct PCD wheel and boss. Not suitable for boss kits with a single 6x 70mm PCD hole pattern.

Most boss kits have dual 70/74mm hole patterns nowadays.

Each spacer comes with 6 bolts and a hex key.

CNC machined aluminum construction.

This item is perfect if your car has a fixed seat and you want to bring the steering wheel a bit closer to you.

Available sizes: 25mm and 35mm (depth).