Thermostat Oil Sandwich Plate Adaptor - 10AN

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We recommend this thermostatic sandwich plate for street-driven vehicles, as these allow the engine oil to reach operating temperature and maintain it through almost all driving conditions. In general, the full-flow (non-thermostatic) version is recommended for track-only cars that need the most oil flow possible through the cooling core.

This thermostatic oil sandwich plate is a lightweight, high-flow sandwich plate built from 6061 aluminum. The mechanism has an internal opening that allows to oil to avoid being diverted away from the engine before the oil is up to temperature - this is called a Bypass. Once at working temperature the bypass is closed automatically by a pellet. The heat of the oil causes the pellet to expand and in doing so it closes off the bypass.

The thermostatic pellet starts to close at 74°C and fully closed at 78°C

A simple easy way for plumbing an oil cooler to your engine by using these sandwich plates.

Each sandwich plate comes with 1 centre bolt fitting. Please choose the correct size via email.

 Sizes are as below:

  • 3/4" x 16UNF for: Most Chrysler,Ford, Nissan,BMW, Volkswagen and Toyota
  • M20 x P1.5 for: Most Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Honda, Hyundai & - Mazda 12A 13B
  • M18 x 1.5
  • M22 x 1.5

This kit comes with:

1 x sandwich plate centre fitting (Please choose the correct size via email) 1x oil plate adapter 2 x AN10 fittings for the braided lines